ThermoFlash® 醫學用免接觸體溫計 Medical No Contact Thermometer

本公司皇牌產品,在短短一個月内於 HKTVmall 賣出超過70支,與香港人共同抗疫。此爲法國 BIOSYNEX 公司新產品 ,經過全球認可機構測試和認證,以及法國 1,000 名患者的臨床實驗認證 。產品快速準確、安全衛生,適合嬰兒、兒童、成人、老年人和特殊需要人士。

ThermoFlash® is one of our best-sellers, with over 70 pieces sold on HKTVmall within a month. The latest product launched by the French company Biosynex is tested and certified by globally-recognized organizations. It's absolutely safe, hygienic and accurate and suitable for newborns, children, adults, senior and special need persons.