Aerte Air Purifier Klean | FAQs

1.Why do you need Aerte?

  • The Aerte systems are air disinfection systems. The Aerte technology can keep the indoor air as fresh as in the nature by:
    • Fighting allergies / asthma
    • Fighting Bacteria and moulds
    • Fighting Viruses
    • Fighting smoke and odors. 
2. What is the technology used by AD2.0 and KLEAN ?
  • The AD2.0 AND KLEAN combine 2 kinds of technologies mimicking the nature to destroy the pathogens in indoor environment
  • Hydroxyl radicals (OH) and other reactive oxygen carrying particles – The AERTE systems generate and emit hydroxyl radicals and reactive oxygen carrying particles that attack the particles like bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, cat or dog dander and other allergens at molecular level irrespective the size.
  • Corona discharge – The corona in the instrument can generate and emit electrically charged ions. These ions are released to the air and attract particles like dust, to form a heavier conglomerate that settles on the floor or surfaces. These particles can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner for example.
3.Do the systems require any consumables?
  • Yes, the Aerte AD 2.0 and KLEAN are designed to be used with a consumable cartridge containing a substance which reacts with the corona within the instrument to generate the hydroxyl radicals and other reactive oxygen particles. The cartridges of AD2.0 and KLEAN need to be replaced 60 days and 30 days respectively after installation.

4.What are the differences between Aerte and other air purifiers in the market?

  • About 80% of the devices are based on filters, yet filters are not efficient for all particles and they need maintenance. Furthermore, efficiency continuously decreases as filter starts to get clogged up.

5.How long does the AERTE need to remove the pathogens from the air?

  • The AD 2.0 and the KLEAN can remove the pathogens in the air of room size at 300m3 and 100 m3 in one hour.

6.Can the Aerte systems sterilize the surfaces of indoor environment?

  • Norovirus Study (FCV), Surface Tests, BluTest Labs – 2010
  • The study was conducted on different kinds of materials. 
  • The number of virus units were counted at time 0 hr, 6 hr, 24 hr
  • At 24 hour, the number of virus was almost undetectable.

7.Which kinds of organization are using AERTE today?

  • In-door environment like hospitals, health centers, care centers, dental surgeries,
  • Offices

8.Are the chemicals released by AERTE hazardous to human health?

  • The safety of the device is guaranteed through strict adherence to the international norms for exposure limits to biocides.