DERMO 3 pH3.5淨味潔膚液 250ml DERMO 3 pH3.5 CLEANSER

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pH 3.5 潔淨用品

Protective re-acidifying


Washes skin while respecting it. Suitable as an intimate wash, also through pregnancy.


Eudermic, re-acidifying, protective body cleanser. The pH buffered to pH 3.5 respects the physiological conditions of the epidermis, making it suitable for cleansing the entire body. It is particularly useful in gynaecology and as a male intimate wash, since it provides an immediate deodorising effect.

有效保護天然酸性保護膜,pH 3.5值,維持表皮的酸性保護值,可全身使用,特別適合清潔敏感部位,男士都適用,可瞬間去除異味。

Recommended for  建議使用人士

Cleansing skin and, thanks to the lactic acid included, for intimate hygiene during pregnancy. Useful in the case of dermatological conditions to prevent any bacterial or fungal superinfection.


How to use 使用方法

Massage directly on skin or dilute in water, then rinse.


Includes 主要成分

Gentle cleansing agents: lowly delipidising, they are well tolerated by skin.

Hydrolised proteins: have a protective action.

Conditioning agent: film-forming ingredient that provides protection.

Lactic acid buffer: rebalances skin pH


水解蛋白質: 具保護作用

調理劑: 形成薄膜提供保護作用

乳酸: 調整肌膚pH

INCI list 成分

aqua (water), sodium myreth sulfate, sodium cocoamphoacetate, citric acid, coco-glucoside, glycol distearate, PEG-150 distearate, lactic acid, PEG-80 glyceryl cocoate, glycerin, hydrolyzed rice protein, polyquaternium-7, parfum (fragrance).

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