EXACTO - 【組合優惠】8日即知驗孕棒 (性交後八日可驗)+ 高敏感性驗孕棒 EXACTO - [Combo Deal] Early (8th Day After Sex) + Simply Pregnancy Test

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特早驗孕棒 -  性行爲後 8 日即可使用,不再需要等候經期延遲才驗孕,比市場上的驗孕棒更早知道結果 

高敏感型驗孕棒 - 再次確認你是否懷孕,原定月經經期第二日使用。

爲何選擇 Exacto?
【快速】等候 3 分鐘即知結果
【準確】準確度達 99%


The wait is over! Learn whether you're pregnant before your missed period.

Early Pregnancy Test – The 8th day after intercourse. You no longer have to wait for your missed period for a pregnancy test.

Simply Pregnancy Test - Double confirm your pregnancy after the presumed date of menstruation.

Why choose Exacto?

Rapid - Result reading after 3 mins
Accurate - Accuracy rate at 99%
Reliable – French brand, manufactured in France, CE marking

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