EXACTO® 排卵測試【一盒10支測試棒】 Ovulation Test (10 tests per kit)

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掌握黃金 36小時!



排卵前,人體會產生大量黃體刺激素(LH - Luteinizing Hormone) LH水平激增後的36小時內開始排卵,而這36小時正是黃金懷孕時間。  

  • 【簡易】只需於吸收芯上排尿 15 秒 
  • 【快速】等候 3 分鐘即知結果 
  • 【準確】準確度、可靠度及靈敏度達 99%  
  • 【可靠】法國品牌、法國製造、歐盟認證  

備有中英對照説明書 ,先確定月經週期的平均持續時間,然後説明書會指導你要什麽時候進行測試。只需要直接於吸收芯上排尿或將其浸入尿液中 15 秒,然後等候 3 分鐘,就能知道結果。  


建議同時購買 EXACTO® Early 特早即知驗孕棒 及EXACTO® Simply 高敏感性驗孕棒 ,更快更準知道自己的懷孕狀況。 

Are you desiring for a baby and haven’t succeeded yet? ]

For positive result, ovulation should take place within 36 hours. It’s recommended to have sexual intercourse during this period. 

  • Easy – 15 sec under urine stream  
  • Fast – Result in 3 mins  
  • Accurate - Accuracy, reliability and sensitivity at 99% 
  • Reliable – French brand, manufactured in France, CE marking  

Both English and Traditional Chinese user manuals are included. Follow the user manual, determine the average duration of your menstrual cycle and conduct the test on the date specified by the manual. All you need to do is to urinate directly on the absorbent wick or immense it in the urine for 15 seconds. Wait for 3 minutes and interpret the result.  

Buy together with EXACTO® Early and EXACTO® Simply pregnancy test for rapid detection of pregnancy. 


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