SUPERWHITE® 環保天然竹炭牙刷 BamBou toothbrush-Kids

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 SUPERWHITE® 環保天然竹牙刷 (小童)

  • 100%可回收
  • 100%竹柄
  • 100%可生物降解手柄
  • 再生紙板




SUPERWHITE® BamBou toothbrush (Kids)

  • 100% recyclable strands
  • 100% bamboo handle
  • 100% biodegradable handle
  • Recycled and recyclable cardboard
  • Quality flexible strandS

The handle made of 100%  bamboo offers a lightness and  strength superior to  conventional toothbrushes. You will also experience  a unique and pleasant mouth feel . Premium nylon strands  limit the growth  of microbes and promote interdental brushing  .

Replace your toothbrush every 3 months for optimal use.

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