Yosu 醫學用免接觸紅外線溫度計 Medical No Contact Thermometer

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•    同時獲 ISO, RoHS及CE 認證
•    只需1秒的快速讀取溫度
•    真正的免接觸式體溫計 (不需要更換探頭套)
•    絕對衛生及舒適
•    不正常體溫響閙及顔色提示 (高燒、低燒及正常體溫顔色提示燈)
•    使用簡單(一按即開,自動關機)
•    高準確度,體溫精準度達 ±0.2 °C (36°C - 39°C)
•    適合嬰兒、兒童、成人、老年人和特殊需要人士
•    特大 LED 發光屏幕,輕易於晚上或較黑環境使用
•    可啓動靜音模式
•    可儲存32個溫度度數

Highlighted Features 

•    Certified by ISO, RoHS and CE
•    Quick 1 second temperature reading
•    True no-contact thermometer (no prove covers required)
•    Absolute hygiene and comfort
•    High temperature warning (colored backlight to indicate high fever, low fever and normal temperature)
•    Easy to use (Point and Active, No On/Of switch, Auto stop)
•    High accuracy, ±0.2 °C Precision for body temperature (From 36°C and 39°C)
•    Suitable for newborns, children, adults, senior and special needs persons
•    Large format backlit LED screen for night or dark environment usage
•    Silent Mode Available
•    32 readings can be saved

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