EXACTO® 8日即知驗孕棒 【性交後八日可驗 - 無需等候月經遲來】EXACTO - Early Pregnancy Test – The 8th Day After Intercourse

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唔洗等 唔洗估 唔洗驚!

  • 【特早】性行爲 8  即可使用。無論你是否經期準時,現在都不再需要計算經期。市場上大部分驗孕棒需要等至遲經後才可驗孕 , 8即知驗孕棒在你性行為後8就知道驗孕結果, 不再錯失最早驗孕日子。
  • 【敏感】市場上大部分驗孕棒hCG敏感度為25-50mIU 。而8日 即知驗孕棒可檢測hCG濃度低至10mIU ! 可以比其他方法更早知結果!
  • 【快速】3 分鐘即知結果 
  • 【準確】準確度達 99%  
  • 【可靠】法國品牌、法國製造、歐盟認證 

產品備有中英對照説明書 ,只需要直接於吸收芯上排尿或將其浸入尿液中 15 秒,然後等候 3 分鐘,就能知道結果。 

EXACTO®乃法國 Biosynex 公司旗下自我檢測品牌。Biosynex 為法國上市公司,創立於 1993 年,專門發展及生產用於檢測、診斷及預防的醫療設備。 

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Wanna know whether you’re pregnant earlier?  

  • Early Pregnancy Detection – The 8th day after intercourse. You no longer have to wait for your missed period for a pregnancy test.  
  • Sensitive- Most of the pregnancy tests available in the market can detect around 25 – 50 mIU hCG while 8 days early pregnancy test can detect as low as 10mIU
  • Rapid - Result reading after 3 mins  
  • Accurate - Accuracy at 99% 
  • Reliable – French brand, manufactured in France, CE marking  

Both English and Traditional Chinese user manuals are included. All you need to do is to urinate directly on the absorbent wick or immense it in the urine for 15 seconds. Wait for 3 minutes and interpret the result.  

EXACTO® is a brand of self-testing under Biosynex, a listed French company which was founded in 1993. It specializes in developing and manufacturing medical devices for screening, diagnosis and prevention. 

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