BIOSYNEX® 3分鐘即知排卵測試棒【送醫學用免接觸體溫計 21/7~27/7 送完即止】

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  • 靈敏度及特異度高於99%
  • 整體準確性高於99%
  • 簡單操作,輕鬆預測黃金受孕日子
  • 3分鐘即知結果
  • 比起日曆法和體溫法更準確
  • 歐盟CE認證 (CE0123)
  • 法國製造,品質保證

女性排卵前體內會產生大量黃體生成激素 (LH - Luteinizing Hormone),LH水平激增後的36小時內開始排卵,這36小時正是黃金受孕時間。3分鐘即知排卵測試棒以簡單直接的尿液測試方法,打破舊有的月經週期計算法,輕鬆預測排卵高峰期,透過檢測LH值濃度,只需3分鐘即可準確預測黃金受孕日子,藉此提升懷孕機率。


  • 靈敏度及特異度高於99%
  • 簡單易用
  • 3分鐘即知結果



  1. 確定月經週期的平均持續時間,月經週期的持續時間是從月經開始第一天到下一個週期出現前的最後一天的天數
  2. 在上表中圈出與您的週期平均日數相對應的數字
  3. 注意:如果您的周期不規律,則可以使用最短的周期日數,使用上面的週期例子來確定開始測試日期
  4. 不建議使用早上第一次尿液,為了獲得最準確的結果,應在每天的同一時間進行測試,在進行測試前的兩個小時內應避免飲用飲品



「備孕首選組合」特點:預測受孕 + 特早驗孕


Simple for fertile window predications


  • Sensitivity and Specificity up to 99%
  • Accuracy rate up to 99%
  • Simple for fertile window predications
  • Result in 3 minutes
  • More accurate than traditional calendar calculation method
  • CE marking (CE0123)
  • Made in France, quality guaranteed

Immediately before ovulation, the body produces a large quantity of luteinising hormone (LH), which triggers the release of the ovum by the ovary. This phenomenon is known as the “LH surge” and usually takes place in the middle of the menstrual cycle. It is during this fertile period that pregnancy is most likely to occur. The test uses a combination of antibodies, including an LH monoclonal antibody responsible for detecting increased levels of luteinising hormone (LH). The Ovulation self--test detects the LH surge in the urine, which suggests that ovulation will probably take place in the following 24 to 36 hours.


  • Sensitivity and specificity up to 99%
  • Easy to use
  • Results in 3 minutes

A clinical study on 300 urine samples showed specificity higher than 99%, sensitivity higher than 99% and global accuracy higher than 99%.
Note: It is not recommended to use first-morning urine because it is particularly concentrated and could therefore give false positive results. Any other time of day is suitable. For the most accurate result possible, it is best to collect the urine at the same time each day.

Before starting the test

The box contains 10 tests that help detect the occurrence of ovulation over several consecutive days. Determine the day on which you should and start the test as follows.

  • Determine the average duration of your menstrual cycle. The duration of your menstrual cycle is the number of days from the first day of your period (start of bleeding) until the last day before the appearance of the period for the following cycle
  • Circle the number corresponding to the average duration of your cycles in the table aboven NOTE: If your cycles are irregular, you can use your shortest cycle duration
  • Use the example of the calendar aboven to determine the day when you should start the test. It is not recommended to use the first urine of the morning. For the most accurate result possible, the test should be performed at the same time each day. Drinking should be avoided in the two hours before performing the test
  • For the most accurate result possible, it is best to collect the urine at the same time each day. Drinking lots of liquids before performing the test will dilute the hormone in the urine. It is recommended not to drink in the two hours before the test

For positive result, ovulation should take place within 36 hours.

It’s recommended to have sexual intercourse during this period. You can even choose the “Get Ready Combo” to test whether you are pregnant successfully or not, combo includes 3 minutes Ovulation test and 8 days pregnancy test help you to achieve your goal.

“Get Ready Combo” features: Conception prediction + Early pregnancy detection

3 minutes Ovulation test: Fertile window predications
8 days pregnancy test: Get result on the 8th day after intercourse
The instruction detail as following,

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