EXACTO® 尿道炎自我測試 (一盒三個測試) Urinary Tract Infection Self Test (3 tests per kit)

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每 2 位女性就有 1 位一生最少經歷一次尿道炎!


  •  同時檢測尿液中的白細胞、血液、亞硝酸鹽及蛋白質 

  • 【快速】過程只需 1-2 分鐘 

  • 準確】準確度達 88% - 100%,視乎不同參數 

  • 簡單】結果只需對照包裝上顔色量度表 

如果你尿頻、但每次只能排出小量尿液,或者小便時刺痛。你的泌尿道可能受到感染!每 2 位女性就有 1 位一生最少經歷一次尿道炎,非常普遍。 如果本身身體較弱,必須接受治療。 

白細胞: 白細胞的出現代表你有感染造成的炎症。高蛋白濃度(> 500 mg / dL),高葡萄糖濃度(> 2g / dL)或高濃度抗生素會產生錯誤的結果 


蛋白質 : 尿液中存在的蛋白質可能會導致白細胞參數的假陽性結果 

血液 : 尿液中的血液是嚴重程度的指標 

Are you having frequent urination or pain sensation during urinating? You probably have urinary tract infection. Nearly 1 in 2 women has at least one urinary tract infection in her lifetime.
 When it occurs in frail people, treatment must be adopted.  

  • Detect the below parameters: leukocytes, nitrates, blood and proteins in the urine.  
  • Rapid – results in 1-2 minutes  
  • Accurate = 88% - 100% depending on the parameters 
  • Simple –Result by visual reading colorimetric 

LEUCOCYTES : These cells are present when there is inflammation, caused by infection. A high protein concentration (> 500 mg/dL), a high glucose concentration (> 2g/dL) or a high concentration of antibiotics may give false results.  

NITRITES : Nitrites are produced by the bacteria involved in most urinary tract infections (enterobacteria). Fasting, a diet without vegetables, or taking medication containing phenazopyridine can give false results.  

PROTEINS : Proteins in urine can give false positive results for the parameter LEUCOCYTES.  

BLOOD : Blood in the urine is a measure of severity.