Tomydoo 嬰兒電動吸鼻器連6個吸嘴 Nasal Aspiration with 6 silicone nozzles

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    單價 每 
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  • 【溫和吸力】利用溫和吸嘴,以幾秒鐘即可完成吸出嬰兒鼻涕。 
  • 【容易清潔】接觸到鼻分泌物的部分可蒸煮消毒,確保衛生。 
  • 【高效能】兩粒鹼性足夠1,000次使用。 


Tested and recommended by pediatrics. Babies and infants often have trouble wiping their nose by themselves. To avoid the risk of exposing to serious respiratory infections, their noses should be regularly wiped.  

  • Efficient Suction – Done in a few seconds with the gentle silicone tip.  
  • Easy to clean – Parts in contact with secretions can be sterilized with boiling water or steam.  
  • Power saving – Two alkaline batteries are enough for 1,000 uses. 

 Both Traditional Chinese and English user manuals are included.